The killer has been named in Italian media as year-old Alex Pititto Image: Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email The son of a mafia boss’ is facing life in jail for gunning down his best pal who simply ‘liked’ a Facebook picture of his girlfriend. Victim Francesco Prestia, 19, was left dead in an olive field in Mileto, Italy, with three bullets in his chest. Pititto saw the Facebook ‘like’ as a “lack of respect”, according to local media reports. The victim, Francesco Prestia Lamberti Image: CEN He is reported to have turned himself into police and led them to the olive grove where he had left his friend’s body. Local media reports that the teenage mobster had long suspected his friend had feelings for his girlfriend.

Inside Ben Affleck’s Past Romances and Headline-Making Relationships

Anyone know how much he really left her She lives in Vegas, with a security staff, and bullitt proof windows, as if she thinks someon e is going to try to assassinate her. But, she has kept her mouth shut. Maybe somewhere she has a tell-all book ready to go once she and her sisters are gone. She had a copy of Effie Tower in the middle of her living room because she loves Paris, which is enormous. Also, by the press of a button, her windows automatically become bullet proof and security locked.

Her collection is truly incredible!

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The nights in shinning armour that stop to help, end-up raping her. But then they take her on to another ordeal that involves dogs and horses. Just remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. In this story Samantha Marquez returns to her suite after a day of her Casino Hosting duties. Things take an interesting turn when her dog Reggie shows her how much he really loves his master.

Because they’re bored One of them makes a wager that the loser has to be the slave of the winner for a week, doing everything she is told to do.

Hutch gang targets innocent relative of a major Kinahan mobster for murder

Share 21 shares His uncle, John A Gotti left , said his nephew’s last name played a big role in him getting mixed up in trouble. The year-old, expressed the ‘fervent hope that I live long enough to see him come home again before I die. Gotti’s father, Peter, described his first-born son as ‘a beacon of light and hope through our constant storms Please consider the love and undying support he has from his family as we try to rise from the ashes. They were arrested in March.

It’s all parties and drama on the reality hit Mob Wives, but Suzanne Corso knows the real deal (diamonds and everything!). She dated a mobster for.

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Hutch gang targets innocent relative of a major Kinahan mobster for murder

Synopsis[ edit ] Jin Do-hyuk Lee Joon-gi lost his parents at an early age, after they were killed in a hit and run car accident. His older sister Do-hee Jang Young-nam raised him, though she is immature and impulsive, and often takes Do-hyuk’s money if he has any. Do-hyuk wants to become a journalist like his father, and his dream job is to work at the prestigious newspaper Daese Ilbo. But because of their poor financial situation, Do-hyuk is unable to attend college.

Listening about his fights stories about rival gangs things he did and does sudden rage followed by love. secretiveness hide and seek with law agency or rivals always running or planning things fear and rage bad language evil thinking etc etc frea.

MF, nc, rp Kneeling To Please – by Anon – An executive’s attractive wife is trained by another man to please men on her nylon covered knees while her husband waits across the foyer. MF, nc, wife, oral, voy, v Koko’s Afternoon – by Simplemind – While his neighbor’s are away on vacation, Michael plans to do something else beside play with and feed their dog, Koko.

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Katherine Kane (Earth-One)

July 07, Three months after Affleck and Jennifer Garner officially filed for divorce, the actor has started dating Saturday Night Live producer Lindsay Shookus. Gwyneth Paltrow When Affleck rose to stardom after winning his first Oscar for Good Will Hunting in , the Boston native was in a relationship with high school girlfriend Cheyenne Rothman, with whom he still keeps in touch.

But the actor soon began dating Gwyneth Paltrow after meeting her at a dinner thrown by studio mogul Harvey Weinstein. The pair went on to costar in the movies Shakespeare in Love and Bounce.

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History Origins and Early Adventures Kathy Kane was a wealthy heiress who gained great acrobatic skills during her career as a circus trapeze artist and stunt cyclist. Becoming infatuated with the Batman , she fashioned herself a costume and secret hide-out and started operating as Batwoman. At first she upstaged Batman and his sidekick Robin in capturing crooks. However, Batman eventually learned her true identity and tracked her to her secret cave hide-out.

Showing her how easily it was for him to learn her identity, Batman pointed out that criminals could probably do it just as easily and tried to convince her to drop out of crime fighting. During this caper, Batman went missing and Briggs, struck with amnesia, left thinking he was Batman. Ultimately the real Batman reappeared, and Biggs was turned over to the police.

Afterwards, Batwoman went back to retirement.

Mafia boss’s son ‘gunned down best pal’ who ‘liked’ a Facebook picture of his girlfriend

Hutch gang targets innocent relative of a major Kinahan mobster for murder Independent. The Herald can reveal the mob singled out the relative as they see him as a “soft target”, and hope his friendship with the woman will enable them to lure and shoot him on their own patch. The target, who has no connection to gangland crime, is a close relative of one of the Kinahan cartel’s main Dublin-based lieutenants.

Sources have confirmed the Hutch gang are now targeting “innocent” friends and relatives of the Kinahan mob because their rivals have murdered “soft targets” of their own in the past – namely the brother of Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch, Eddie Hutch Snr, and Gareth Hutch. The revelation comes as the Herald learned a number of on-the-run Hutch gang members are “spending more and more time” in the English city of Liverpool, having spent more than a year hiding out in Northern Ireland.

A reputed mobster was shot to death at a McDonald’s drive-thru while waiting for a cup of coffee – three months after his son was gunned down in failed hit. Sylvester Zottola was blasted once in.


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Turned into a Girl for Dating Mobster’s Daughter (Part 1) forced feminization tg captions. December 6, TG Transformation 1. I froze as I applied my lipstick. Even after two years, it was hard to believe the lovely reflection in the mirror was my came a swift knock on the door. TG TRANSFORMATION STORIES | Theme: news.


Interracial Love Stories


Follow/Fav I’m in love with a mobster: Dating. By: emily A/N: Hey guys, thanks so much to all those who reviewed my stories. If you guys have anything that you want to go into this story, please tell me, it will help me a lot. Thanks, from Emily_


Inside Ben Affleck’s Past Romances and Headline-Making Relationships


Read Chapter 5 from the story The Mafia King’s Girlfriend by TheRavenous (Molly Anna) with 7, reads. mafia, romance, death. After a few minutes he got up an.


The Machine – Bert Kreischer: THE MACHINE