Michigan college student’s dating resume goes viral

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It was on UHF channel 31 in i The modern day event took place during KTLA’s signature morning news broadcast and KTLA HD programming began simultaneously transmitting for the first time along with its analog channel. KTLA shut down its analog signal, over VHF channel 5, on June 12, , as part of the federally mandated transition from analog to digital television.

Veteran newsman Stan Chambers , who was hired by KTLA almost a year after its launch and remained with the station until his retirement in , was given the honor of “throwing” a ceremonial mock switch from the analog to digital position, signaling the engineers to shut down the analog signal at its Mount Wilson transmitter site at Spectrum auction repack[ edit ] KTLA is one of nearly 1, television stations that will be changing their digital signal allocation in the upcoming spectrum auction repack in late or early The station will reallocate to UHF channel 35 in phase two of the auction.

Best answer: He’s always been the biggest mark for himself. Remember, this is the same guy that asked who was going to win his match with Taker. This doesn’t really surprise me.

Detroit Free Press editorial page editor Stephen Henderson fired for “inappropriate behavior” He will return to roles at DPTV after investigation there found no wrongdoing Henderson remains on air at WDET after it also found no wrongdoing Stephen Henderson, the Pulitzer Prize winner who was fired two weeks ago by the Detroit Free Press for “inappropriate behavior,” will return to his role at Detroit Public Television when production resumes next week.

Stephen Henderson Clark Hill law firm conducted an independent investigation for the TV station, “which revealed no inappropriate behavior of any kind by Stephen or any evidence that the continuation of our relationship with him compromises the mission and values of DPTV,” Detroit Public Television spokesman Marty Fischhoff told Crain’s on Saturday in an email. Fischhoff said Henderson will return to his regular roles as host of “American Black Journal” and contributor to “MiWeek” when production resumes as scheduled on Thursday.

The Free Press said it conducted its investigation after Henderson was accused of sexual harassment, along with two other local media figures, on Dec. Rideout III during a news conference at a local radio station. The newspaper said it “subsequently uncovered examples of inappropriate behavior dating back several years with female colleagues by Henderson. The station did not end his contract hosting job. WDET General Manager Michelle Srbinovich said the public radio station at Wayne State University conducted its own internal investigation but had found “no cause for us to terminate his contract or put him on leave.

The Free Press told me that neither of the two women want to take any action.

Trump cancels Britain trip, blames Obama for ‘peanuts’ London embassy deal

More than a year into his presidency, Trump has yet to visit London, with many Britons vowing to protest against a man they see as crude, volatile and opposed to their values on a range of issues. The decision to move the U. Embassy from its current Grosvenor Square location in the upmarket Mayfair area of London and to a site on the south bank of the Thames was agreed in under the presidency of George W.

Wanted me to cut ribbon-NO! Prime Minister Theresa May was the first foreign leader to visit Trump after his inauguration in January last year, and they were filmed emerging from the White House holding hands. She later said Trump took her hand in a gentlemanly gesture as they walked down a ramp.

Athletico Physical Therapy is Chicagoland’s specialists in the field of physical therapy, orthopedic rehabilitation, sports medicine and athletic training.

Visit Website Curious locals gathered throughout the day as news of the discovery spread. By sunset, without a break to eat or drink, the crew had excavated approximately 20 percent of the bones of the prehistoric elephant-like creature. Mammoths roamed North America until their disappearance about 11, years ago, and the remains of only 30 of the massive prehistoric animals have previously been found in Michigan. The paleontologist said the specimen was a Jeffersonian mammoth—a hybrid between a woolly mammoth and a Columbian mammoth named for founding father Thomas Jefferson, who had a keen interest in paleontology.

The evidence included three basketball-sized boulders found with the remains—which may have been used to weigh down the carcass—a stone flake resting next to one of the tusks that could have been used as a cutting tool and the positioning of the neck vertebrae in correct anatomical sequence as opposed to a random scattering that normally happens after a natural death. The paleontologists will wash the specimen, which will be known as the Bristle Mammoth in honor of the farmer, and check for cut marks that could confirm it was butchered.

If there is evidence of human consumption of the mammoth, the eventual dating of the bones could help to push back the date of the earliest known habitation of southeast Michigan. Fisher hopes to display the bones at the University of Michigan Museum of Natural History, possibly combined with fiberglass casts of bones from other Michigan mammoths to form a complete skeleton. A lot of people will benefit from being able to see this mammoth for many years to come.

If I can make people happy by doing that, then I consider that a good day. We strive for accuracy and fairness. But if you see something that doesn’t look right, contact us! Twice a week we compile our most fascinating features and deliver them straight to you.

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Jacob Schmitt went a perfect at lbs to make the All-tournament team and a handful of others scored big wins en route to one and two loss records. Click more for a full recap and results. Click more for the full recap, records, and results. The Freestyle team finished 4th led by Davison freshman state champ Justin Oliver who was at lbs to make the All-Tournament team.

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Keep this in mind when you are developing your own resume before you apply for a job there. You would be surprised how few people take advantage of the fact that some job postings actually tell you who did the posting. This is so very true. And stylizing the keywords will weigh heavier in ATS too.

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If what the author states is true, I believe I will never find a job. I graduated a year ago with a 3. The system described, I suspect, has tremendous potential to hide what really goes on during the hiring process. For instance, if an applicant is a foreigner, it can be easily discarded without any need to give explanations, and worse even, no risk to be reported for discriminating.

As another poster mentioned, the article does not make any mention to the precedence a person has when that person is a veteran. With all due respect to veterans, at the end of the day, they are only transitioning from a job to another, like many of the currently unemployed are doing.

David Wayne Spade (born July 22, ) is an American stand-up comedian, actor, writer, musician, dancer, and television personality. He rose to fame in the s as a cast member on Saturday Night Live, then began a successful acting career in both film and television.

About the Hall of Fame The purpose of the Michigan Senior Olympic Hall of Fame is to recognize and honor outstanding athletic performances, as well as outstanding contributions made to the success of the Michigan Senior Olympics by athletes Board Members, and volunteers. The award will be presented to not more than 3 individuals each year. Nominations may be submitted by anyone, self-nominations are acceptable. The award may be granted posthumously.

Must be a Michigan resident. Athlete, Board Member, or Volunteer for at least 7 years Athletes must have won numerous gold medals in Michigan Senior Olympics competitions Other considerations not all required: Mail the above requested items to:

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Dear Evan, I was at a speed dating event last night for the second time. Just like the first time, it was full of smart, pretty, successful women in their thirties and forties and men of similar ages with manual labor jobs and a few running their own manual labor businesses but no men of equivalent professional or educational status except for one doctor. Why he was there, I do not know, as he made it clear that he was not really looking to date anyone.

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Digging for remains of up to 7 Michigan girls ends for day

Blog We have successfully sold the following at public auction with extraordinary results. Your auction company must have an established and major presence in the industry in order to deliver maximum results. Please contact us for a free, absolutely no strings attached consultation to learn all about the auction process and if it’s right for you.

Our website is here to assist you in making a wise business decision when hiring a professional auctioneer and appraiser. A great place to start is spending some time in our Learning Center and read the informative auction related articles we have in place for you. The wildly popular museum featured a collection of folk art from purveyor, Ralph McCarry.

Power restored in Detroit; WSU to resume classes The city of Detroit is reporting that power has been restored to all customers affected by today’s cable failure. Check out this story on

Abhijeet Singh Careers Hunting for a job is a job in itself. The increased competition is an even bigger concern. Offices are full of a huge pile of resumes and so are the websites. Therefore, to stand out from the rest and capture the attention of the reader, you need to write an effective resume that describes your capabilities in the best way. A good resume expresses your strengths; qualifications and most importantly that you are the right candidate for the job.

Although, it is not necessary to hire a professional resume writer to obtain this quality. In fact, by keeping few points in mind, you can write an attractive and effective resume. Described below are few points to help you write a good resume. Your Resume is a Marketing Tool A resume should be considered a marketing tool through which you should be able to advertise yourself. People tend to buy the product which is best advertised rather than buying the product which is actually the best.

In short, your resume should communicate to your employer that you are the best candidate among the lot.

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Digging for remains of up to 7 Michigan girls ends for day May 9, In this March 6, photo released by the Michigan Department of Corrections, Arthur Ream is shown. Police are digging in woods northeast of Detroit near where the body of a year-old girl who went missing in was found more than a decade ago. In , Ream led police to the area and the remains of Cindy Zarzycki who disappeared. Zarzycki had been dating Ream’s son at the time of her disappearance.

Michigan’s Jake Moody (2) is congratulated by teammates after a second-half field goal against Indiana, Saturday, Nov. 17, at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor. Kirthmon F. Dozier, Detroit Free Press.

He says having a mentor helped a lot — someone to whom he felt a true sense of responsibility — and he didn’t want to screw it up by doing something bad and winding up back in prison. I asked a handful of other former inmates to share their advice for those who are about to or are in the midst of transitioning back into society.

Here are their answers: What advice would you give to inmates who are about to re-enter society? It’s easy to become overwhelmed with these simple tasks. Always keep a positive attitude! There are going to be a number of battles and deterrents throughout this new phase of life. Things will not be easy by any means. However use the bad days as motivation. Remember where you have been and how far you have come, and mostly stay focused on where you are headed.

When humble, I am teachable. When full of myself, I am full of shit.

Trump cancels Britain trip, blames Obama for ‘peanuts’ London embassy deal

You are an employee of the corporation and assuming all other requirements are met, the corporation is liable. What is the tax rate and tax base for new employers in Michigan? The tax rate for all new employers except certain construction companies involved in large projects is 2. If I have a positive balance in my reserve account, can that money be refunded to me? The unemployment taxes paid are like automobile insurance premiums.

They are used to protect your employees against them becoming unemployed through no fault of their own.

Nothing is more critical to human progress than movement. Today, we’re all part of a global moving economy — a dynamic flow of people, products, systems and relationships.

Now all you have to do is wait for his response. You stare at your phone until it lights up, but the only new message you see is from Mom. So what went wrong? Her Campus talked to the guys to learn about the texts they dread receiving from girls. Listen to our texting advice and start being a smarter texter. This is probably the worst texting crime you can commit.

Nothing Texting is a back-and-forth form of communication. If you sent the last text, wait until he responds before sending another. Guys like the chase, so sit back, relax and make him text you. I doubt you would stand there and laugh out loud without saying something. If you can type characters on Twitter, you can do it in a text message too. Guys are simple creatures, especially when it comes to texting.

Imagine if you got a text with multiple question marks.

College Football: Michigan Wolverines at Penn State Nittany Lions Betting Preview and Pick