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Designer kitchen with all Viking appliances, wine cooler, wood floors, fireplace in living room and side by side parking. Outdoor movie theatre with viewing area. Very private backyard and front yard surrounded by lush green bamboo. Outdoor furniture and some other extras like 2 washer dryer units and all Stainless appliances will be left for tenant to use. Extras include control 4 home automation system includes Main TV, slide out projector in backyard and flat screen in Loft. We do extensive custom searches and snag handpicked leads based on your needs—not just auto computer feeds. The owner gives us one when you lease a place.

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Bathroom costs can vary greatly depending on what materials you use. If you’re going to bling it out with gold-plated toilets and tile made from whale teeth, then you need to break out the benjamins. Budget wise I went beyond what I had intended to spend but it is now the nicest bathroom in our house. Throughout my basement finishing project I kept detailed records of what I bought and how much I spent, including every cost related to the bathroom.

Plaza de las Americas in Washington Heights is home to one of five public toilets in New York City. because typical bathrooms do not offer someone up to 15 minutes of uninterrupted time.

These are just surface issues. We get the same number of stalls as men, but we take longer to go. These problems are distinct from the fake , drummed-up issues raised recently by groups that oppose letting transgender people use the public restroom corresponding with their gender identity. Opponents of those measures trumped up the totally unwarranted fear that men would dress as women in order to sexually assault women in their restrooms — as though rapists have just been waiting for such a law to make it easier to rape.

In the 17 states and cities that expressly permit transgender people to use whatever bathroom they want, there has been no increase in sexual assault of any kind, notes this thorough debunking of transgender bathroom myths. They’re cropping up now as more open-minded cities and municipalities move to make bathrooms more friendly to transgender people. The North Carolina measure will almost certainly make public bathrooms less safe for trans people, for whom corral-style same-sex bathrooms can actually be a dangerous place.

She found her nephew bleeding to death in the bathroom, his throat slit by a year-old man who was later charged and convicted. Nardella worked with San Diego County to help redesign the beachside facilities, ultimately installing family-friendly, gender-neutral restrooms where parents could feel their kids were a little safer. That’s not always going to work. Still, many enlightened places are finding gender-neutral solutions.

Several cities now have gender-neutral bathroom provisions , including San Francisco, Philadelphia, Seattle and West Hollywood, California.

Meet your NYC house cleaning pro.

Maid Marines is a team of New York City housekeepers based across the city. Professional cleaning service is available throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. Our founders carefully select each and every maid. Maids go through intense training from Maid Marines. Extra steps like this have allowed Maid Marines to maintain its 5 star rating over the years.

New York: Top 10 Bars for a Bathroom Hookup Posted on July 30, by BlackBook Per Se at the Time Warner Center (Midtown West) – Discreet and intimate, with stunning attention to detail.

Add in flour, salt, and most of the remaining warm water. Depending on humidity and the region where you live, you may need all the water. We’re looking to make a firm dough that’s not at all sticky. Knead the dough using the dough hook attachment for 10 minutes on low speed. When it’s finished, the dough shouldn’t stick to the bowl and should be smooth. Remove the dough hook and cover the bowl for 1 hour to rise.

You’ll need about 5 inches of water. Punch down dough and let it rest 10 minutes.

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R35 I see what you did there. Maybe the bicycle wheel outside? Maybe just a local thing? But yes now i remember, it was called Three of Clubs. A hard hard bar. He was also a model in the 60s. That was my long time go to bar to pick up tricks.

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R3, the OP is not a lesbian. It’s just a fact of urban gay life. I’ve sucked a gazillion cocks in city bathrooms, and I can probably give you a spreadsheet of every men’s room in Manhattan, breaking them down by cleanliness, best time to hunt for cock, those that see the most traffic, type of guy e. There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s safe, fun NSA sex.

The best types of bathrooms reflect different ideas of relaxation; some homeowners can’t get enough of indulgences like heated floors and steam showers, while others gravitate towards humble, zen-like spaces with giant rain heads and easy-care wet rooms. One common thread is an emphasis on the.

As the New York City economy diversifies, its fastest growing industries—health, education, hospitality, food services, culture—are also its most diffuse. For these sectors, buses are essential to the livelihood of their employees, clients, and customers and to their future success. And yet, despite its extraordinary size, reach, and importance, the bus system is too often neglected.

Within the sprawling Metropolitan Transportation Authority MTA , it is overshadowed by subways, commuter rail, and bridges, which enjoy more attention and resources. Within the City—which oversees the roads, curbs, shelters, and traffic lights that buses depend upon—it receives abundant rhetorical support, but too little substantive assistance. As a result, the bus system has been stifled.

Its routes are often slow, unreliable, long, meandering, confusing, congested, and poorly connected. Its buses are old, its shelters deficient, and access to its stops and separated lanes are under-enforced. Its network is stagnant, changing little in recent decades despite an extraordinary transformation in residential, employment, and commuting patterns throughout the five boroughs. While bus riders demand fast, reliable, frequent, connective, accessible, and legible public transit, that basic level of service is too rarely on offer.

The MTA bus system is in decline:

Memories of extinct NYC gay bars

FYI The Megabus wasn’t an option the last time we did the math on this. We ran the numbers almost two years ago — but things change. So we did the math again, this time with even more detail. The full breakdown after the jump.

For over a year, we tested the theory that a restaurant is only as good as its restroom by scouring the city for notable loos, ranking them with the unforgiving rigor of our five-star rating system.

Its design of clean fresh water will also give an uplifting look to your location. The roomy interior has a full sized toilet seat and non-splash urinal. This durable port a potty is virtually indestructible. Blending in at new home construction sites or any park like setting because of its color. This portable toilet is perfectly designed along with its extra-large holding tank for heavy usage.

This portable toilet will add value to the job site.

$300,000 Public Bathroom Opens In New York